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A Site by Farmers, for Farmers

Started by farmers for farmers, Precision Ag Reviews was developed with the goal of growing trust in agricultural technology. We are a non-biased, independent resource to help farmers make decisions about precision ag equipment and technology.

Technology can feel like it is constantly changing. With tight profit margins, farmers needed a space for peer insights and industry experts to share information about all brands and models of precision ag equipment before they make the investment in new precision agriculture technology for their farm. Precision Ag Reviews provides that solution!

Value for Farmers

Over 50% of farmers are using precision agriculture on their farm. Precision Ag Reviews is a space for farmers to find peer insights from others who have personally seen the benefits or felt the frustrations of new precision ag equipment.

Instead of only hearing the feedback from the other guys at the parts counter, Precision Ag Reviews has reviews from farmers all over the U.S.

Value for Vendors

Precision agriculture is projected to be a $43 billion industry by 2025. Precision Ag Reviews provides vendors with authentic insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the precision ag market and their products. Collecting your own market research isn’t an easy process. Precision Ag Reviews shares the feedback from your real customers and their real experiences.

Help Us Continue to Grow the Resource

Curious how you can use Precision Ag Reviews on your farm? We put together three ways to put this powerful resource into action.

If you are wondering if you should add a review to the site, answer these three questions before heading over to write a review.

  1. Do you personally operate this technology or equipment?

  2. Do you know the specific name of the product or system?

  3. Will you give your honest feedback?

If you can answer yes to all of these questions, we would love for you to take two minutes of your time to add a review to the database.

Precision Ag Reviews is working hard to build confidence in agricultural technology through a network of farmer reviews. If you can support our efforts, please send us a note via our contact page.

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