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‘More than Carbon’ Approach to Offset Market

Updated: May 13, 2022

Arva Intelligence, one of the top ag startups to watch in 2022, has thrown their hat into the ring when it comes to helping growers monetize their carbon offsets. We sat down with Matt Rohlik, Director of Sales and Strategic Partnerships for Arva Intelligence, to learn more about their carbon offerings and how they are different from others on the market today.

Arva has the largest network of greenhouse gas measurements of any commercial company in the United States. Similar to yield mapping, they are actually mapping the greenhouse gasses on the field level. They are looking at more than just sequestering carbon, but how they can help growers extract real value out of their output as well. Arva’s approach is grower-focused, in collaboration with their trusted advisors.

“We do want the trust advisor there because the trusted advisor is the one who's probably taken a lot of soil samples, which is very important for this,” started Matt. “And they're the ones advising them on what products to buy in the future. So, how does the products, the regimen of those products being put out, affect the carbon environmental assets is very important moving into the future.”

In spring of 2021, Arva released a program called Arva Carbon Ready, which helps prepare farmers and their trusted advisors for the carbon markets. Using a 3rd party holistic data approach, Arva incorporates multiple data streams ( i.e. My John Deere, Climate, etc) to set growers up for the type of documentation they need to monetize their offsets.

Once your dataset is ready, trusted advisors, whether that's a retailer or consultant, can move growers into Arva Carbon Plus to start capitalizing on their market opportunities. In this program, Arva works with the trusted advisors to calculate carbon offset inventory and potential, choose the fields and practices that best fit carbon projects, help you choose when to sell and manage the paperwork and ongoing verification process.

“It's not just about carbon, because there's a lot of people out there who can't necessarily get carbon,” said Matt. “But they will be able to get premiums for grain, for sustainability acts that they're already proving. And that's another thing that's very unique to us. It's not just about carbon. We want a more holistic view to the environmental asset market.”

This all comes together to help bridge the gap between consumers and growers. For many operations the missing link is just the documentation of the practices already being done. For others, the collaboration with Arva and their trusted advisor can lead them towards more sustainable practices while understanding the potential ROI on those step-changes.

Matt will be joining us on the Precision Points Podcast on April 7, where he will discuss carbon market opportunities in more detail. Be sure to tune in to learn more! In the meantime, you can request a demo of Arva’s Carbon Plus platform or talk to your local advisor to learn more.

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