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Precision Ag Reviews Ambassador, Austin Heil

This week we check back in with Precision Ag Reviews Ambassador Austin Heil. Austin farms with his father in Northwest Ohio on over 200 acres of land. Austin shares that new technology can be adapted and used on older equipment.

Take a look at the photo below.

Don't forget to check out some of our reviews for Austin's equipment.

Similiar Precision Ag Technologies: Starfire 3000 Starfire 6000

The planting season has arrived! Austin has had a chance to get himself set up with the right technologies that he needs to have a successful planting season. Let's see what types of precision ag technology he is using below.

Austin's Precision Ag Equipment: Starfire 3000


Did you catch the latest episode of the Precision Points podcast? Both Ambassadors (Austin Heil and Joshlin Yoder) were featured and shared more about their farms and background. You can listen here!

Keep following along each week for more content from our Ambassadors as they dive deeper into their 2022 season. Precision Ag Reviews will follow along every step of the way.

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