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Precision Ag Reviews Provides Reliable Information

Did you know 50% of farmers use at least one piece of precision ag equipment on their farm? The rapidly growing precision ag industry and the growing want for unbiased feedback on equipment spurred the creation of Precision Ag Reviews.

Precision Ag Reviews, a program started by the Ohio Soybean Council and soybean checkoff, is a public site that strives to create a “farmers helping farmers” community by collecting reviews for all brands and models of precision ag equipment. The site is building a reliable source of information about precision technology so farmers can educate themselves without a bias of brand or product.

Farmers can easily complete and read reviews for precision products they use and can search to find the products they want peer insights about. The reviews are rated based on the product cost, ease of use, value and tech support. Farmers can also share comments. All reviews collected are placed online for farmers to access when researching precision products. Farmers can see the collective average review, in addition to all individual reviews, to aid in educated decisions on the best equipment for their operation.

This blog will be a place to share precision technology insights with content authored by farmers and independent precision experts.

Are you a farmer who uses precision equipment on your farm? Leave us a review!

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