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Technical Solutions for Weed Control

Weeds are a significant threat to any crop farmer.

Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, farmers no longer have to blanket apply crop treatments. Spot spraying and targeting individual weeds is becoming more commonplace for farmers, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and image analysis.

Farmers of all sizes are looking for technical solutions to save time and money. By using spot spraying technologies, different estimates provide farmers the ability to save between 80-90% in plant protection product usage by reducing treatments to only the target plants.

When it comes to crops, farmers need to know how to selectively manage problem areas in their field. Based on a recent study done by the American Equipment Manufacturers, AI spot spraying is a top technology farmers are looking to implement over the next five years.

AI spot spraying has the ability to create efficiencies on the farm, protect the crop by only treating those areas that need it, provide insights on the unique nature of each area of a field, and ultimately, save money.

The detection process is quicker and farmers have the ability to know they are properly treating each part of their field according to its specific needs.

Do you use AI on your operation? Tell us about it here!

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