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Top Precision Ag Reviews from 2021

Updated: May 13, 2022

Precision Ag Reviews started by farmers for farmers back in the fall of 2017 with the goal of growing trust in agricultural technology. We are a non-biased, independent resource to help farmers make an educated decision about precision ag equipment and technology.

While we live in a world with the constant changing of technology, it was quickly noticed that farmers need a space for peer insights and industry leaders to share information about their brands and models of precision ag equipment, before the investment is made for the farm.

Throughout this past year we have had the chance to interact and receive feedback from farmers all over the country. We want to take this opportunity to spotlight the top products that we received reviews for back in 2021.

Top Products:

*these items are listed out in no particular order

  1. AgLeader Integra

    1. The Integra display combines operation control options, including a built-in, full-featured steering and guidance system including an on-screen light bar.

Top Comments: Ralph S: “Easier to use than other brands”

Jacey H: “Awesome monitor with awesome customer support” Alex H: “Easy to use and set up, very simple”

  1. Ag Leader InCommand 1200

    1. The InCommand monitor has year round functionality, split screen capability, row by row mapping, wireless connectivity and display to display communication.

Top Comments:

Travis H: “Ag Leader is a renowned brand with excellent equipment. It is intuitively designed and the compatibility & make upgrading very easy” Houston H: “Ag Leader providers a very user friendly interface with good customer service and dealer support. Easiest platform to teach a user. SMS is a great analysis tool. Great platform for aftermarket additions. I highly recommend this product.”

John J: “Very multifunctional product”

  1. Precision Planting 20/20

    1. The Precision Planting 20|20 SeedSense is a planter monitor that not only measures seeding population and singulation statistics, but it also monitors how much bounce or “chatter” the row units are receiving while being dragged through the field.

Top Comments: Owen J: “Would recommend for any planter with precision equipment.” Braden A: “Good calibrations on yield. Very accurate across acres and easy to use” Ethan Z: “Great tool for getting a time visual of what you are doing w/ the most important pass you will make in a year.”

  1. John Deere Greenstar 3 2630

    1. The GreenStar 3 2630 is an ISOBUS virtual terminal 3 (VT3) capable display. ISOBUS VT3 allows the display to control ISOBUS-compatible implements and controllers. This compatibility allows the GreenStar 3 2630 Display to be used in a variety of applications and, in many cases, reduces the number of displays in the cab.

Top Comments:

Keena C: “Dependable / User Friendly” Dylan G: “I would recommend it to anyone for increased efficiency.”

Ryan U: “John Deere and the dealer have great support. Integrates well with John Deere equipment”

It is the hope of Precision Ag Reviews that in 2022 we continue to grow the site with more reviews for more farmers to utilize. The reviews only take a few minutes of your time and the wealth of information that you are sharing with the farming community is invaluable.

To fill out a review you can visit our website, and don’t forget to sign up for the Precision Ag Reviews e-newsletter to stay up to date on all the latest news.

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