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Trimble Ag Launches Virtual Farm Online Experience for Global Farmers

Trimble recently announced the launch of its Virtual Farm, an interactive online experience for farmers across the world to immerse themselves in precision agriculture. In this new online tool, users walk through a digital farm and identify common challenges they encounter on a day-to-day basis. From there, farmers are directed to Trimble’s easy-to-use, connected solutions for each challenge and connected with a Trimble Ag representative to identify the best solution for their farm.

“At Trimble, we work with farmers every day. This helps us understand their biggest pain points and how to best help them resolve these issues,” said Jim Chambers, vice president of Trimble Agriculture. “We know farming is hard. However, Trimble Agriculture solutions can help make it easier, and this new tool will help farmers specify their issues and quickly align to a solution.”

Though no one can control external forces that negatively affect farming, there are solutions available that can help to make farming easier. Among the many obstacles for farmers, Trimble’s Virtual Farm details common issues and applicable technology and solutions, including:

  • Ensuring Work Gets Done With seasonal workers and skilled labor challenges, it can be difficult to ensure field work gets done efficiently and accurately. With intuitive workflows, precision agriculture solutions can enable equipment operators to complete field tasks with ease and with minimal training. Automatic implement, field and task selection help operators to work on the correct tasks with the right implement in the right field. In addition, all of the field data is synced directly back to the farm office.

  • Start-to-Finish Data Management – Having multiple vehicles working at the same time and getting farm data from one platform to another can be a challenge due to multiple guidance lines, transfer of displays, and transfer of data across the whole operation. Data management solutions help make the most of the farmers’ data by automatically syncing this information to increase efficiencies across the farm.

  • Input Management for Cost Savings – Weed management chemicals can be expensive and it can be difficult to ensure spray application is consistent and in the right places. In today’s economy, farmers want to spend less and are looking for ways to create efficiencies through technologies that reduce waste.

  • Resource Management to Make the Best Use of Time – It is important for farmers to ensure they can manage land, machinery and time in an efficient manner to create a coherent operation. Ensuring resources are utilized properly and efficiently make farms more profitable altogether.

  • Water Management – Nearly every farm has water concerns – whether it be too much water, not enough drainage or simply not knowing how to maximize water to impact the bottom line. Managing water issues can result in year-over-year improvements that significantly impact farm profitability and management.

  • Getting Started in Precision Farming – There are several barriers to entry for farmers looking to get started in precision agriculture, including the initial investment in the technology, knowing how to choose the right equipment with ongoing support. Knowing the answer to these questions and showing the ROI gives farmers a way to show how precision farming can significantly change their farming practices for the better.

Trimble provides highly reliable, accurate and easy-to-use equipment and services to improve farm operations while also easily integrating with a variety of brands to give farmers greater mixed fleet operability on the farm.

Learn more about how Trimble’s easy-to-use technology can maximize productivity and provide a dynamic return-on-investment for precision farming operations on Trimble’s Virtual Farm here.


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