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Precisio Ag Reviews


Our Story

Started by farmers for farmers, our goal is to grow trust in agricultural technology. Farm margins are slim, and technology keeps changing. Any new investments will need to give you and your farm a strong ROI.

Launched in the fall of 2017, Precision Ag Reviews is a non-biased, independent resource to help farmers make decisions about precision ag equipment.

The public site strives to create a “farmers helping farmers” community by sharing reviews for all brands and models of precision ag equipment. Precision Ag Reviews provides you with peer insights and industry experts before you invest in new equipment and technology.

Precision Ag Reviews (PAR) was developed and funded by Ohio soybean farmers and their checkoff.


Value in the Results

Value for Farmers

Peer insights from others who have personally seen the benefits or felt the frustrations of new precision ag equipment

Value for Vendors

Authentic insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the precision ag market and your products

Our Story
Value in the Results

$43.5 Billion

Projected growth of precision agriculture market by 2025


Percentage of farmers who use at least one precision farming practice


Proportion of planted corn, soybeans, and rice acreage farmed using variable-rate technology by 2013
What Farmers Say


What Farmers Say

Precision Ag Reviews gives farmers an opportunity to choose precision products best for their operation. Everybody does something a little different, and that’s where it comes in handy. Farmers often feel pressure to use certain products based on brand loyalty. Precision Ag Reviews gives farmers a foundation to make their product decisions based solely on the effectiveness of the product.

Nathan E.

Perrysburg, OH


Precision Ag Experts

Barry McGraw

Barry McGraw

Director, R&D

Barry McGraw leads Ohio Soybean Council’s soy biobased research and commercialization program.
Barry has 15 years of experience with Battelle, in program management, engineering and marketing.

Stacie McCracken

Stacie McCracken

Project Manager

Stacie McCracken is a communication and marketing consultant. She helps organizations meet their business goals through strategic communications, social media strategy, and client and member engagement.

Precision Ag Experts
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