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10 Considerations for developing a digital strategy

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Creating a digital strategy for farm operations is important, especially as more precision products are integrated. Farmers must consider how they plan to handle and use the data they collect.

As a farm operations manager, can you say “true” to these 10 statements regarding developing your digital strategy?

  1. I am using the right sensors/technology to collect the data I desire (agronomic, machine, imagery, etc.).

  2. I have a legal agreement with my landlords and service providers that I may provide with data.

  3. The data I collect is complete and of sufficient quality to complete accurate analyses and comparisons.

  4. I have a software program that is capable of storing all the data I need and is compatible with my equipment.

  5. An original copy of my data is organized and stored, both on-farm and off-farm, so that a backup is available.

  6. I can access my data no matter what technology I’m using (phone, laptop, or computer) and it syncs automatically if I am offline.

  7. My stored data is organized by year, followed by crop, field, or farm as necessary for my operation.

  8. I am confident that the data I collect is not being shared unintentionally and that I can retain ownership.

  9. My data is in a format that is easy to copy and share with my trusted advisors and services, or to connect to digital tools.

  10. I have a digital strategy that benefits my operation economically, socially, or environmentally, and allows me to make the best decisions to meet my production goals.

If you answered “false” to any of the above statements, consider ways you can improve those aspects of your operation’s digital strategy.

These 10 considerations were developed by Jenna Lee, digital ag research assistant at The Ohio State University.

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