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5 Podcasts that focus on precision agriculture

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Podcasts are a great way to get valuable insights without ever leaving farm. Not to mention they make hauling grain and late nights in the cab feel like you have someone riding along with you.

Several podcasts have started focusing on new trends in precision agriculture such as the Agriculture Technology Podcast, the Future of Agriculture Podcast, Field Work, The Modern Acre and the Precision Farming Dealer Podcast.

1. The Agriculture Technology Podcast breaks down new technology being introduced into the industry. The podcast provides farmers with the latest news and information to be more successful in the field. It has been releasing episodes for over four years and just recently celebrated its 100th episode.

2. Another podcast that has focused on new technology and how it is shaping the future of agribusiness is: the Future of Agriculture Podcast podcast with Tim Hammerich. The show covers people, companies and ideas that are investing into the future of agribusiness. The show shares information regularly about agriculture technology, rural entrepreneurship, agriculture sustainability and food security. The site also has a blog titled, “Stories of Agriculture Innovation,” discussing everything from technology that can solve the more difficult problems to how technology is changing the future of farming.

3. Field Work is a popular podcast covering issues about sustainable agriculture without skipping the difficulties and changes farmers have to make. The podcast is hosted by two commercial row-crop farmers, Zach Johnson and Mitchell Hora and covers a wide variety of topics including, cover crop profitability, considerations for starting new practices.

4. One of the main challenges farmers consistently face is finding ways to grow their business in an inconsistent economy, The Modern Acre podcast is a network of farmers, professionals and entrepreneurs that are passionate about building their operations throughout innovation and technology. The podcast guests weigh in on the topics at hand. The podcast is hosted by Tim and Tyler Nuss, who are both passionate about their involvement in the ag industry, as well as experienced with working in the business and supply chain sectors.

5. Another important aspect of the precision agriculture sector is making sure that farm equipment dealers have new, reliable resources to have the ability to get the best service to farmers. The Precision Farming Dealer Podcast is a farm equipment dealer’s source for information on precision farming technologies and their uses while also understanding how to market, sell and service the equipment for added farmer success. The podcast hosts guests to help understand the value of precision ag equipment as well as hosting experienced dealers to help newer dealers understand how to understand new technology in a way that will help farmers.

As technology continues to advance, you have to continue to find new ways to not only stay up to date but also implement this new technology into your operation. By utilizing podcasts, you can stay up to date on current news by learning on the go about new and upcoming precision agriculture resources.

There are many more precision farming and general agriculture podcasts out there. Drop a comment below with your favorite podcast so we can all grow our podcast library.

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