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7 Precision Ag Mobile Apps to Check Out Today

When it comes to precision agriculture technology, it’s easy to think about displays and software and sensors and self-driving tractors. But we can’t forget about the device that’s with us wherever we go – our phones!

Mobile apps often work in tandem with other pieces of technology, or the app can bring value all on its own. If you’re looking for something new this year, check out these apps that have been highly rated by our Precision Ag Reviews users.

GPS Area Measure

GPS Area Measure, from Rento UAB, helps you measure fields, plots, route distance, land survey, fencing for agricultural land, garden, farms and more. You can place multiple accurate points on the map to measure the area or distance. According to Chris, “This app has been making our lives and wallet worry less! Very handy for establishing our farm’s property markers, field edges and size. Great app!”

Average Rating: 5.0/5.0


With AgSense, you can access real-time information about your operation, control center pivot irrigation remotely, and monitor your farm through your smartphone, table or PC. Trent reviewed AgSense and said, “Quite easy to install and helpful in monitoring and controlling pivots!”

Average Rating: 4.9/5.0

Ag Guardian

Ag Guardian is a cloud-based app that keeps a running total of the products you’ve applied to your fields. According to Gary, “It is an app that helps me manage and pay for the supplies I use on my fields. It also helps me generate a monthly cost report.

Average Rating: 4.8/5.0

Ag Weather Tools

Ag Weather Tools from DTN helps you monitor weather for your specific location, so you can adapt your feeding and management program to keep livestock healthy. In his review, Tony said that Ag Weather Tools is “more accurate and better than the [weather app] I previously reviewed! Improve your farm planning with accurate forecasts and alerts with this app. Also, more affordable and more reliable!”

Average Rating: 4.8/5.0


Canopeo is a rapid and accurate green canopy cover measurement tool. This app quantifies the percent canopy cover of live green vegetation for any agricultural crop, turf or grassland based on downward-facing photos taken with your mobile device. According to Precision Ag Reviews user Timothy this is a “great mobile app to monitor the growth of pastures for my cattle. Allows me to plan with a certain degree of precision and takes into account environmental phenomena such as water stress and the effect of light.”

Average Rating: 4.8/5.0

Ag PhD Corn Diseases

The Ag PhD Corn Diseases app provides an overview of diseases that may occur in corn in the United States and Canada and helps provide a diagnosis. Reviewer Justin says that, “It has helped me keep my corn crop clean by identifying diseases through signs and symptoms.”

Average Rating: 4.7/5.0

Ag PHD Field Pest

The Ag PhD Field Pest app allows growers to easily identify pests in the field. The app provides a library of weeds and insects by name/photo and offers control recommendations. According to Precision Ag Reviews user Danielle, “This app is excellent because it has identified different pests in my field before they become a serious problem...and also makes suggestions on how to better control them.”

Average Rating: 4.5/5.0

See an app on this list that you currently use? Is there a different app that you absolutely love? Make sure to head on over to Precision Ag Reviews and add your input!

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