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Complete a 5-Question Survey and Receive a $10 Gift Card

The Precision Ag Reviews staff has attended farm shows all over the United States, collecting reviews from farmers who use precision technology. We are wrapping up a busy 2019 with a few final shows and would appreciate if you stopped by and completed a survey - there is something in it for you!

During these shows, we are typically asked the same questions from farmers skeptical of completing the survey. We highlighted those questions in this blog so you understand what you are doing before you arrive.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will it take?

No longer than two minutes to complete the five question survey. 

What do I need to know? 

As long as you know your first name and last initial, the only other challenging information we ask for is the manufacturer and the product of the precision equipment you use.

What is in it for me?

After completing the survey, you will walk away with a $10 Amazon gift card.

What company are you affiliated with?

We are underwritten by the Ohio Soybean Council and are an unbiased resource for farmers making decisions about what precision technology to invest in for their farm. We are not affiliated with any precision technology company.

Who will get my information?

We will be adding your review to our website, with your first name and last initial attached to the review. If you agree to subscribe to our e-newsletter, you will receive a monthly email with precision ag technology updates. 

Consider stopping by the Precision Ag Reviews booth at one of these upcoming shows:

See you there!

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