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Podcast: 18. Looking Back on 2020 and Planning for the Future

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Welcome to Precision Points in 2021! We are so excited to share new and exciting content for you this year as we dive deeper into the tech we already know and look ahead for what’s to come. In this episode of Precision Points, I talk both about where we have been and what we have to look forward to.

In June 2020, we launched this podcast with the goal of sharing unbiased ag tech information and ideas that can help us grow together. We have been fortunate to have hosted manufacturers, growers and Extension educators on our show.

One main fixture has been Dr. John Fulton from The Ohio State University. He has been on several times; most recently, in Episode 13, he shared how farmers can use data to drive decisions. We discussed some of the research his team completed over the 2020 growing season, and we are excited to have him back on in February to let us know how those trials turned out.

We love to talk about up-and-coming technology. From crop models (Episode 3) and in-season manure applications (Episode 7) to drones (Episode 15) and virtual reality (Episode 16), we covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time and cannot wait to dig even deeper in 2021.

At Precision Ag Reviews, we believe that advancements in ag technology can provide great value to growers everywhere. We also know staying on top of this fast-changing industry can be expensive in both time and money. That’s a big driver for us expanding our platform to include a podcast so we could reach more growers like you, in order to give you a higher level of confidence when making your next ag tech step.

There are three main ways we see people using our website. Searching the grower-sourced reviews, reading up on our expert advice blog, and submitting their own feedback on ag tech products or services they have used in the past. Read more about how Precision Ag Reviews can help your farm here.

No matter where you are in your ag tech journey, we thank you for listening and learning alongside us, and we hope you continue finding value in our resources in the weeks and months to come!



Host: Morgan Seger

Morgan Seger: (00:00)

Welcome back to Precision Points: An Ag Tech Podcast from I'm your host, Morgan Seger, and in each episode, we strive to bring you unbiased ag tech information and ideas. And on today's episode, I'm actually going to be doing this solo. We're going to do a little bit of reflecting in looking at where we've been since we started this podcast. So if you're new here, we started this podcast in June of 2020, and we really try to hone in on what's going on in agriculture. So we talk to growers, manufacturers and Extension educators to get a well-rounded look at what's going on in ag technology. And we've covered a lot of different topics. One of the most exciting software products that we've talked about for me is around crop modeling. So in episode three, we talked about the field forecasting tool and how it is a dynamic crop model.

Morgan Seger: (00:56)

From there, we've talked a lot about in-season manure applications. So episode seven, we had Glen Arnold on. He's really the expert in that area for us and he did a deep dive into what an in-season manure application looks like from the planning stage to execution. He walked us through all of that in depth. From there, we looked at some really forward-facing technology. In episode 15, we had Mike Winn on from DroneDeploy and he talked about drones. And one of the most interesting parts of that conversation for me was actually ... The question I like to ask people at the end of each episode is, "What technology are you most excited about?" And his take on where things are going, specifically around automation, I thought that was really interesting. And one of the episodes that was a little bit out there for me was the episode with Vance Crowe on virtual reality, episode 16. I thought he did a great job really describing what virtual reality is and what it can do for agriculture.

Morgan Seger: (01:56)

And of course, I have to talk about our time that we've spent with John Fulton. He's really been a fixture on this podcast for us and we're so grateful for the time. And he keeps showing up to just give us information and share what he knows and what he's working on. So in our last episode we had with him, so back in episode 13, he talked about getting data to drive decisions. So we were just entering into that fall harvest season. And now he's going to be coming on, I believe, right away in February. So in two episodes from now, he'll be on to walk us through what that research ended up showing him. So what he learned from his research, because he was really just getting into harvest last time we talked. So I'm excited to have him back on here in a couple of weeks and see how those trials turned out.

Morgan Seger: (02:42)

So we just feel so fortunate that the guests who we've had on have shown up for us and shared information, and we appreciate their time like we appreciate you for listening to these episodes. At Precision Ag Reviews, we really believe that these advancements in ag technology can provide a great value to growers everywhere. But we also know that staying on top of this fast-changing industry can be both expensive in time and money. It's hard to know what that next step should be, that you should be making in improving equipment or improving technology, so if it's software or hardware. And we really hope that what we're doing here helps give you more confidence or a higher level of confidence when you're making those decisions. So a big driver for us in expanding our platform into a podcast from just the website that we had was so we can reach more growers so we can all take that next step or get a higher level of information and confidence when we're looking at moving forward with Precision Ag.

Morgan Seger: (03:44)

So if you have been a podcast listener and you haven't been to our website yet, I really encourage you to check that out. So again, it's And there are three main ways that we see people using our website. So the first way is, we see people searching the grower sourced reviews. So going into our website, you can type different products and services and see the reviews that other growers who have used those products or services have left. So it's real feedback that you're getting from people who have had hands-on experience with those products. The next way we see people using our website is reading up on our expert advice blog. Between myself and a few other contributors, we're constantly trying to put new information up on our blog. Sometimes that's just a little bit easier to get more content out in a searchable manner for you if you're not a traditional podcast listener. So we're definitely trying to meet people in both places.

Morgan Seger: (04:41)

And then the last way we see people using our website is of course leaving those reviews. So if you go to, in the upper right-hand corner there's a button that says leave a review. And I'll link to it in the show notes, but you can't miss it on our page. And you just click on that, you enter in your product or service and detail what your experience was with that. And we're very grateful for people who are doing that and showing up on our website to leave some information, because it really does help us. We hope that this information we're providing can help you no matter where you're at in your ag tech journey. So if you are just getting started, hopefully there's some basic information to help you figure out what tools are going to be best. And if you're really advanced in pushing that bleeding edge, we love the feedback that you're giving us.

Morgan Seger: (05:29)

So thank you for showing up and for being here, and we love your feedback. If you want to hear more of any specific topic that we've been touching on or you think there's an area that we are missing that you would love to hear about, shoot us an email or leave a comment and let us know what you want to hear and we will do our best to keep serving up the content that is providing you value. So that's it for our first episode of 2021. It's a quick one, but we have a lot of stuff to be grateful for and we have a lot of things that we are very excited for going into this year, and we can't wait to share it with you. Thanks for tuning in.


Host: Morgan Seger

Morgan Seger grew up on a small farm in northwest Ohio before studying agriculture at The Ohio State University. She spent 10 years working with ag retail, specifically in ag tech, before coming to to host Precision Points Podcast. She lives and farms in western Ohio, with her husband Ben and their four children. Morgan has her own blog called Heart and Soil where she talks about her experience farming, gardening, and raising her family.

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