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Podcast Trailer: Introducing Precision Points - An Ag Tech Podcast

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Precision Ag Reviews is excited to announce the launch of Precision Points: An Ag Tech Podcast. The platform will allow growers to listen in on real conversations with growers and manufacturers that share valuable information on current and future precision agriculture technologies.

“The unbiased information will help growers looking to get the most out of the tools they already have and for those looking to explore the next step in their operation,” Morgan Seger, host of the Precision Points podcast said.

Seger spent 10 years working in ag tech and farms with her husband in western Ohio. Dr. John Fulton, Professor at The Ohio State University, will appear as a regular guest on the show to bring a wide range of experience and insights. Together, our goal is to continue to enhance our archive of grower-sourced reviews to help others make informed decisions about ag tech.

Each podcast season will focus around the growing seasons to keep content relevant to your operation. The first season of Precision Points launches June 30, focusing

on using in-season tools to manage your growing crop.

Check out the official trailer and subscribe to Precision Points today!


Host: Morgan Seger

Morgan Seger spent ten years working in ag retail, specifically in ag tech. She lives and farms in western Ohio, where she has four children with her husband Ben. Morgan has her own blog called Heart and Soil where she talks about her experience farming, gardening, and raising her family.

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