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Precision Ag Reviews Ambassador Team

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Precision Ag Reviews recently launched its Ambassador program this month. The Ambassador program will follow along with two different farmers as they showcase themselves, their farms, and what types of precision ag equipment they use daily. Our ambassadors farm in different states, across diverse terrain, and of different sizes.

You will be able to see some of the challenges and obstacles each farmer faces as they enter the 2022 season.

Let's introduce you to our Ambassador team:

Austin Heil is based out of NW, Ohio, and farms on his family farm of about 280 acres. Austin knew growing up that there would never be an opportunity to farm full time on the family farm but knew he had a strong passion for the ag industry. Austin graduated from The Ohio State University with the hopes of becoming a product specialist while also being able to work on the farm as well.

After college, Austin worked with CNH in North American combined field testing. Austin was given the opportunity to travel all over the U.S. and Canada. All his work with combines allowed him to move back home and help with the family farm.

Austin shared the following images and context that walk us through how he and his family are getting ready for the 2022 planting season.

Austin and his family use Precision Planting 20/20 SeedSense. Make sure to check out our farmer review of that product here.

Joshlin Yoder is based out of Northeast Missouri, where he farms alongside both his dad and brother. Joshlin's wife and four kids live out on the family farm. They are a row crop operation that grows mainly corn and soybeans. The farm also has a beef backgrounding part of the operation.

Joshlin graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in agricultural education. After college, he worked in a retail store, where he was recruited to go into the management program. After about five years in the retail industry, Joshlin realized how much he missed agriculture, being on the farm, and being outside working in nature. In 2008 he was able to join in the day-to-day operations with his father and brother.

Joshlin shared the following images and context that walk us through how he and his family are getting ready for the 2022 planting season.

Joshlin and his family use the Ag Leader SureDrive. Make sure to check out our farmer reviews of that product here.

Both Joshlin and Austin will be interviewed on an upcoming episode of the Precision Points podcast. Tune in on May 5th to learn more about our Ambassadors, their backgrounds, and their farms.

Keep following along each week for more content from our Ambassadors as they dive deeper into their 2022 season. Precision Ag Reviews will follow along every step of the way.

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