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Precision Ag Reviews Launches Precision Points an Ag Tech Podcast

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

(Columbus, OH) - Precision Ag Reviews has launched a new podcast, Precision Points. The ag tech podcast inspires informed decisions about precision technology and its impact for growers. 

The Precision Points podcast, along with Precision Ag Reviews, is funded by the Ohio Soybean Council and the soybean checkoff to provide a reliable, unbiased source of information about precision technology to U.S. farmers. 

“We’ll be exploring precision ag tools and technology that push boundaries for innovation in an operation, while addressing the bottom line implications,” said host Morgan Seger. “Guests will include growers for real feedback as well as insights from manufacturers.”

Precision Points will be hosted by Seger, who spent 10 years working in ag tech and farms with her husband in western Ohio. 

“The unbiased information will help growers looking to get the most out of the tools they already have and be helpful for those looking to explore the next step in their operation,” said Seger.

Each podcast season will focus on the growing seasons to keep content relevant to a farmer's operation. The first season, available now, will feature in season management tools and services growers can be using now to impact their growing crop.

Precision Points is available on your favorite podcast player, on our website, or on YouTube

The Precision Points podcast enhances the outreach of Precision Ag Reviews, an online crowd-based review forum of precision technology in agriculture. 


Listen here:

In Episode 1 of Precision Points, Morgan introduces John Fulton, Ph.D. to the podcast and talks about how he comes up with his research projects and how individual growers can make precision ag decisions.

In Episode 2 of Precision Points, Morgan Seger talks with Josh Krenz, COO of EarthScout, about in-field monitoring sensors, and the decisions that can be influenced with that data.

In Episode 3 of Precision Points, Morgan Seger sits down with Keaton Krueger, Sr. Digital Technology Manager with WinField. United to discuss how Crop Modeling works, and the decisions and insights it can bring to your farm.

In Episode 4 of Precision Points, Morgan talks with Rachel Leonard, Development Program Lead with Geosys, and Urthecast Company. Rachel talks about the work Geosys is doing to capture and calibrate satellite imagery for farm level use, and their new technology designed to sort through the data and prioritize what is important to your operation.


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