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Precision Profile: Digitizing and layering maps

Name: Adam Krause

Farm Name: K&K Farms Inc.

Location: Clear Lake, South Dakota

Pain Point: Incompatible digital maps that could not be used together to make decisions based off of them.

The Operation: Adam, his brother, Brent, and dad, Laron, farm together. Collectively, they grow wheat, corn and soybeans. Adam and Laron each raise hogs, while Brent has a seed sales business.

The matter he was looking to solve:

While attending a meeting the speaker asked, “Where are your maps, where are your records?” He showed a picture of a bookshelf with a bunch of binders. Adam and his dad looked at each other and smirked. Indeed, that was exactly what their records looked like.

They had spray maps, planting maps, variable rate spraying and seedling maps along with yield maps. While they had the maps and printed them out, they were not layering them together to make agronomic decisions. We were just keeping them to have them.

Initial concerns:

Adam’s initial concern was the cost of software and hardware. As he evaluated their options, he determined that it was best to go with a company that utilized an ipad because of its versatility. He wanted to stay away from purchasing hardware that just worked with one application.

The solution:

They purchased Climate Fieldview Drive along with the Climate Cab app. This allowed them to have all their maps stored in one location and layer the maps. All the maps are now conveniently stored on the cloud, so it is always at their fingertips. Adam especially likes to be able to check hybrids and how field prescriptions are coming out.

Were Expectations Met:

When they first installed it in the cab, they experienced connection issues due to bluetooth connectivity. However, while they were losing some information with this system, it didn’t stop them from continuing to farm. When he does have to call for help or assistance, he says the call center has been fantastic to work with.

Determining the return on investment:

The biggest return on investment for the operation was time. Having records digitally, instead of having to write them down for their sprayer, was time saving and added security.

While they haven't necessarily changed their management practices, it has confirmed decisions they’ve made. After using the system the last three years, Adam says you get out of the system what you put into it. He says information is a great tool to collect, but unless you use it, you're not going to capitalize on it.

Final thoughts:

Adam finds using Apple products to be most beneficial because their system is universal. Be aware of potential connectivity issues, due to bluetooth connectivity, which can be caused by things like iPad system upgrades. He advises to be prepared to get on a call to troubleshoot issues. Overall, he thinks it’s a great product and worth the subscription if you use it to its potential.

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