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What type of drone is best for your application?

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Drones can be cost-effective and provide numerous benefits for farmers when applied correctly.

There are a few distinctly different types of drones, each with a specific purpose in agriculture. Compare these types of drones to find the best drone for you.

Rotor Drones

  • Specifications: Short flight time, approximately 30 minute flight time, 20MP camera capable of shooting 4K video, obstacle sensing, dedicated controller, several flight modes, navigates in 25-35 mph winds, affordable option for getting a birds’ eye view

  • Applications: These drones are best used for aerial photography, quick crop scouting and identifying problem areas within a field.

  • Popular rotor drones

Fixed-Wing Drones

  • Specifications: approximately 45 minute flight time spanning up to 400 acres, two 18 megapixel cameras, a self-calibrating solar sensor, navigates in wind up to 20 mph, flies like an airplane, safe launch/soft landing

  • Applications: These drones are typically used for mapping and can easily integrate with farm management software.

  • Popular fixed-wing drones

Spray Drones

  • Specifications: 15 minute flight time (or 1.5 acres), 40-60% faster than manual spraying, 2.5 gallon tank

  • Applications: Spray drones are designed for precision application. Although they are not meant to be used across large areas, spray drones are perfect for spot spraying. These drones utilize cloud storage technology which can prove problematic for farmers who don’t have access to great high-speed internet.

  • Popular spray drones

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