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Ag Leader Adds Nozzle-By-Nozzle Control-RightSpot to Its Full-Farm Lineup

Ag Leader is growing their full-farm solution lineup with the newest addition to their DirectCommand application product line, trusted by farmers for nearly two decades. RightSpot offers nozzle-by-nozzle sprayer control for consistent and effective coverage plus added flexibility for a wider speed range, greater productivity and increased accuracy.

“With input costs and regulations rising, farmers will need to be taking a closer look at their sprayer and application technology,” stated John Howard, Crop Care Product Manager. “Adding nozzle-by-nozzle control to their existing sprayer provides immediate financial and agronomic benefits,” he added. “RightSpot is very precise at applying the right rate and pressure desired across varying speeds and field terrain. It means maximizing the effectiveness of their inputs with the right droplet size and coverage to give the crop what it needs while minimizing wasted product and time.”

A traditional sprayer regulates application rate by increasing or decreasing boom pressure as the travel speed of the sprayer changes. This means reducing speed in rough soil conditions or around obstacles like terraces and water ways results in a larger than desired droplet size resulting in reduced chemical efficacy. Also increasing speed in good field conditions results in a smaller than desired droplet size increasing the risk of chemical drift on to adjacent crops.

With RightSpot, flow rate and pressure are controlled independently. Individual pulsing nozzles maintain a consistent, user-defined boom pressure across a wide range of speed. The operator can speed up or slow down without sacrificing the droplet size or coverage applied. Automatic shut-off at a nozzle level allows the operator to complete the application on the most efficient path of travel versus taking extra time tracing obstacles. Headlands, terraces and curves are also accounted for with turn compensation maintaining consistent rate applied on the inner and outer portions of the boom.

“Spraying crops is one of the most demanding jobs on the farm. It’s extremely time-sensitive and often requires more passes through the field than any other machine in the operation,” John added. “In developing RightSpot, we set out to do what Ag Leader does best: make the grower’s job easier with a simple, year-round interface that enables them to achieve precise application control while increasing productivity.”

RightSpot is controlled through the year-round InCommand 1200 display for complete visibility inside and outside the cab.

RightSpot will be available for sale through Ag Leader’s dealer network in late summer 2022. For more information, visit

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