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What to Look for in a Precision Agriculture App

Updated: May 13, 2022

In the last twenty years, the app world has exploded. Now, farmers all over the world are utilizing apps to inform them of grain prices, weather, monitor their soil types, review their fertilizer and chemical applications, and much more.

New apps are being developed all the time! So, what should you be looking for in an app to make sure you’re getting something useful and reliable?

1. Secure logins: “Security is becoming more and more important in every aspect of our digital life,” says Reinder Prins, Chief Marketing Officer for Agworld. “Secure login technology like AuthO or other SSO providers are becoming a ‘must have’ instead of a ‘nice to have’ for all agricultural apps.”

2. Integration: The app should be able to work with many different precision ag equipment brands and integrate data from each. For example, a great app will understand your planting data from one machine and your fertilizer application data from another, while keeping in mind the soil testing data you uploaded from last fall.

3. Mobile centric: Many useful programs have desktop interfaces with a coordinating mobile app that allows a farmer to see their data, but not always to manipulate it from a mobile device. For the most user-friendly experience, look for an app that allows you to edit and manipulate your data and decisions right from your device.

4. Ready to work: As the country transitions to 5G, you need an app that is ready to work on this latest technology AND ready to transition to whatever comes next. Additionally, the release of new flip phones with larger screens will make viewing and working with your app more pleasurable and user friendly, if the app is flexible and ready to embrace these innovations.

5. With and Without Wireless: Not all apps can work without wireless connectivity, but some can. This is a great feature to consider in your app purchase so that the app can be useful in the field whether you have a data package assigned to your wireless device or not.

6. Supports you: The best app for you is going to be one that feels intrinsic and supports your work in the field instead of making it more cumbersome. Look for an app with a design that you understand and look for tools that will make you more efficient and better equipped to do your job.

Not sure where to start? These two apps were the 2021 new additions to the CropLife “Best Agricultural Apps for 2021” list:

The Drift App: This app helps a farmer plan his or her spray list, using bordering seed traits and current weather conditions. Farmers get a sprayability index to help them decide which field to spray at what time to minimize herbicide drift impact.

Sirrus App: This app can help you collaborate with the experts you choose by centralizing your farm’s data and making field data accessible and easy to collect. This app connects to the agX Platform and thus makes your data available offline and easily shareable


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