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Ambassador Update

Austin and Joshlin are back this week with another update from their farms and how they are moving forward with their planting season. We look this week at how they are getting their equipment ready, what technology they are using, and some upgrades one ambassador made to his farm for this season.

Austin Heil - PAR Ambassador

Austin shares that no farm is too small to implement technology when planting. Technology can help take some stress away from an already stressful situation. Please look at some of Austin's beautiful photos as he was preparing for planting season in Northwest Ohio.

"Planting can be stressful enough to ensure all systems are functioning correctly. Technology provides a whole new level of insight to ensure you are doing it right the first time. If you think your farm is too small to incorporate technology, stay tuned to see how we utilize technology on his 280-acre family farm," said Austin Heil.

Joshlin Yoder - PAR Ambassador

Joshlin’s family this season made an upgrade to their technology lineup. This upgrade will allow them to do population trials, testing lower population rates. Please look at some of Joshlin's photos with us as he prepared for planting season in Northeast Missouri.

"Pictured above is a John Deere 60' planter with 15 rows.

We have John Deere electric drive, vacuum meters, and active pneumatic downforce. We are excited about this upgrade because it will allow us to use variable rate planting for soybeans. In addition, this will enable us to do some population trials, testing lower population rates," said Joshlin Yoder.

Next Week

Next week, we will share some of the videos that our ambassadors have taken from their farms. You will see them, their equipment, and some of their everyday technology.

Don't forget both Joshlin and Austin will be on the May 5th episode of our Precision Points podcast hosted by Morgan Seger. So please tune in to hear more about our Ambassadors and what they are most looking forward to showing you.

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