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Precision Ag Reviews Ambassadors, What Have You Missed?

June has been a busy month for our Precision Ag Reviews Ambassador team. Joshlin and Austin have been sharing with us some of the precision ag technology they use on their farms throughout the season.

Let's look back at some of the products and insights they shared with us this month.

Planter Technology

Austin Heil walks us around his planter to highlight some of the technology he uses outside the tractor cab.

Watch the full video below

How Meter Speeds React to Planting

Joshlin Yoder is in the field sharing how the meter speed reacts to planting in a contour. He shares that this is one of the many benefits of using an electric drive.

Watch the full video here.

Tractor Tips: Benefits of Using a Cell Phone Austin Heil shares that one helpful piece of precision ag technology can be your cell phone?

There are many helpful resources your cell phone can offer you while you're out in the field!

Check out these tips from inside the tractor with Austin.

Watch the full video below.

Tools You Need to Scout Effectively

More than just an iPad, it's a tool!

Austin Heil shares that to effectively scout, you need to understand the history, any data collected on the current growing season, and reference documents to understand what is happening in the field.

Here's an inside look at the apps Austin uses while out in the field

A Look Inside a Scouting Toolbox

From eyes in the sky to boots on the ground.

Austin Heil's scouting toolbox is made up of common tools like a tape measure, shovel, and bucket, to technologies that provide him eyes in the sky with the DJI Mavic 2 Pro paired with AgMaps mapping and scouting app.

Keep following along every week on our Precision Ag Reviews social channels (Facebook and Twitter) for more content from our ambassadors as they dive deeper into their 2022 season.

Precision Ag Reviews will follow along every step of the way.

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